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Weather affects every business. WeatherTrends360's proprietary year-ahead forecasting model tells you exactly what's coming, giving you time to proactively plan inventory, advertising, allocation and markdowns. Trusted by the Fortune 100 and Main Street, it's the next generation of weather-based predictive analytics. Our passion is Better Business in any Weather®...let's talk.
Long Range March 2020 Outlook
Bottled Water Sales Will Be
1% Lower
Sandal Sales Will Be
2% Lower
Sales of Shorts Will Be
3% Lower
Suncare Sales Will Be
4% Lower
Fishing Rod Sales Will Be
3% Lower
Flower Sales Will Be
5% Lower

how do we know?

weathertrends360 offers the world's only accurate year-ahead weather forecasting model. Traditional, physics-based meteorology is only any good a few hours or days out. To do better, we created a statistical modeling algorithm fueled by 124 years of weather data covering every square mile on Earth. As a result, our long-range forecasts from a year out are more accurate than every other company's 7-14 day forecasts. Our total forecast accuracy is 85%. That's why some of the world's biggest companies trust us for their planning needs.

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Small Business
Weather Trends helped us make billion-dollar marketing decisions. We time our marketing in sync with the weather to help us get the right message in front of customers and stock the right amount of merchandise in stores.
Retail Weather Analytics

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