Is the weather killing your business? Were you surprised by the disastrous Q4 record warm Winter? Are you ready for more pain this Spring? Are you ready for an epic hurricane season? Do you know how the 2nd hottest July in 25 years will impact your seasonal sales? You will stock out of Winter merchandise in 2016-2017 with a major La Niña and epic cold on the way! There is a better way to achieve "Better Business in any Weather®"'s called weathertrends360. Watch our video as we demonstrate a better way to become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE to an ever-volatile Mother Nature. Find out if the months of July and December and if Hurricanes play a role in your business. Watch the video for a sneak peak of what we see coming your way.

For over 14 years we've been working with America's most successful companies to help them become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE to the weather and its influence on product sales a YEAR-AHEAD! Companies like Coca-Cola, Target, AutoZone, Kohl's, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Walgreens, Anheuser-Busch, Unilever, Campbell's and over a hundred other Fortune 5,000 companies and nearly a 1,000 small businesses and farmers in 156 countries depend on our accurate, year-ahead forecasts to maximize profits and maximize crop yields. And YES, we said a year ahead! We are a team of mathematicians, meteorologists and business advisors that eliminate business planning headaches while helping you plan a year ahead for:
  • Store-level product sales by week
  • Inventory allocation and replenishment
  • Collaborative planning with your retail customers and suppliers
  • Product mix
  • Marketing and advertising timing in favorable weather weeks
  • Labor scheduling
  • Store-level energy budgeting
  • Setting realistic internal and external Wall Street sales expectations
We use statistics and 24 climate cycles to predict the weather trends by week a year out for 21 million locations covering every mile on Earth NOT traditional physics-based modeling or meteorology that doesn't work more than 2 weeks out. We don't just tell you the weather, we also provide specific predictive business weather analytics and don't change our minds once we give you a forecast. We have domain knowledge on 10,000+ seasonal categories and know how the weather influences sales down to just 1 degree of change. With our Power of 1 Degree analyses you'll know that 1 degree up or down means 1% to 3% increase/decrease in beverage sales, a 2% to 4% increase/decrease in apparel sales, or as high as a 10% to 20% increase/decrease for volatile seasonal categories, like AC and heaters. Do the math, when Mother Nature brings 5 degree, 10 degree or even 30 degree changes in year-over-year weather...IT'S A HUGE IMPACT ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE!
Watch our video and then give us a call so we can end your headaches today. Call 1-610-807-0118 or email to get started.
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