Captain's Log 26 April '21 Big Warm Up!

Captain's Log

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Last week (18-24 April) across the World show a very cold week in the U.S. trending the coldest in over 36 years. Rainfall was down 47% and the driest in 7 years while a snow storm traversing the Rockies to the Midwest and interior Northeast made it the snowiest in 26 years. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

26 april 21 log 1

Canada was a tad warmer but still below average temps for the week, Europe and Russia the coldest in 4 years and below average, but Australia had the coldest conditions in over 36years. China was the warmest in 3 years.

26 april 21 log 2

The severe weather tornado season is way down with only 266 tornadoes reported to date which is 54% less than last year and 36% below average. A trend likely to continue through 2021 due to colder ocean temperatures leading to drier conditions in the U.S.

26 april 21 log 3

Dry to drought phases across the U.S. continue to be at 21+ year highs with 65% of the country in D0-D4 phases. This is a wholesale change from the last couple years that have been very wet with little drought. 2019 was near historic low drought with only 12% dry. Average this time of year is about 43%. This dry cycle is likely to continue through much of 2021 due in large part to much colder Pacific Ocean temperatures than last year.

26 april 21 log 4

Ocean temperatures for much of the world are much colder than this time last year and that typically leads to dry and drought in many areas of the world. Here in the U.S. year-to-date rainfall is the driest in 9 years, China driest in 10 years, Nepal - Norther India driest in 12 years and Canada the driest in 20 years. The World overall is trending the driest in 10 years, a common theme for 2021 with major impacts to agricultural interests.

26 april 21 log 5

This week (26 April - 2 May) shows a dramatically warmer week with the U.S. trending the warmest in 14 years, 3rd warmest in 36+ years for the U.S. overall. Rainfall remains below average with 16% less rainfall than last year, least in 3 years. Good news for farmers out planting the 2021 crops. Some severe weather potential in the Central U.S. this week.

26 april 21 log 6

Next week (3-9 May) makes an even more dramatic change from last year when May started off historically cold, this year 4.8F warmer than last year and warmest in 3 years, 11th warmest in 36 years. A bit wetter but still 13th driest in 36 years for the U.S. overall.

26 april 21 log 7

The World 2-week aggregate forecast shows warm in the U.S., still cool in Canada and Europe with expanding cool conditions in China. The hot spots remain in the deserts of Africa through the Middle East into Central Russia.

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