Dear HVAC Business Owner,

Are you ready for a cooler 2016 Spring in parts of the country followed by a scorching hot Summer for much of the U.S.? Are you ready for the 2nd hottest July in 25+ years for many of us? Are you ready for one of the coldest starts to Winter in 16 years in the Northeast in December 2016? Do you know how 1 degree change in year-over-year temperatures impacts your service calls? We do...every 1°F warmer year-over-year in the Spring-Summer brings about a +9% increase in AC service calls; 10 degrees warmer year-over-year brings a +90% increase. In the Fall-Winter every 1°F colder brings about a +3% increase in heating service calls; 10 degrees colder brings a +30% increase.

Don't rely on Happy Gilmore's method of solving your customers' AC problem (watch the video - you'll laugh and learn just how great the 2016 season is going to be for most of you in the HVAC industry) and don't leave your business to the mercy of Mother Nature! There is a better way to achieve "Better Business in any Weather®"'s called weathertrends360 year ahead statistical/24 climate cycle approach to forecasting daily/weekly temperatures and weekly precipitation a year ahead for every zip code in the U.S. and 21 million others spots covering every 1 mile on Earth! Watch our video as we demonstrate a better, SIMPLE way to become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE to an ever-volatile Mother Nature.

For over 14 years we've been working with America's most successful companies to help them become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE to the weather and its influence on product sales a YEAR-AHEAD! Companies like Coca-Cola, Target, AutoZone, 3M, Service Experts (HVAC), Kohl's, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Walgreens, Anheuser-Busch, Unilever, Campbell's Soup and over a hundred other Fortune 5,000 companies and over a 1,000 small businesses and farmers in 156 countries depend on our accurate, year-ahead forecasts to maximize sales and profits. And YES, we said a year ahead! We are a team of mathematicians, meteorologists and business advisors that eliminate business planning headaches while helping you plan a year ahead for:
  • How good or bad will sales be for your business in 2016
  • Do you know when the peak service call periods will be in 2016, they're different every year
  • Do you have your advertising timed in the most favorable weather weeks to maximize sales
  • Do you have enough parts
  • Do you have enough labor to meet peak surges so customers don't call your competition
Watch our video and then give us a call so we can end your headaches today for just $299.40 a year for your zip code-level year-ahead forecast. Call 1-610-807-0118 or email to get started or just visit our Plans page to sign up on-line in about 5 minutes.
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Warmest Regards,
Bill Kirk, CEO & Co-founder (The real "Captain Kirk" U.S. Air Force Gulf War Veteran 1989-1999)