Dear Farmer and Ag Enthusiast,

We hope you had a successful year and God bless you and the farmers that help feed the world - THANK YOU! While there is still plenty of time to think about the 2016 season ahead, we want to share our thoughts with you now on the VERY HIGH RISK weather trends we expect next year and why we think corn prices will soar to near $7.00. You'll love this video.

EPISODE 1 Seeds of Success

A Farmer's Guide to the 2016 Crop Outlook and $7.00 Corn

In this video we will explain briefly HOW we forecast the year-ahead temperatures and precipitation by WEEK everywhere in the world using a much more accurate, statistics/math-based climate cycle methodology. It's very different than traditional physics-based weather forecasting allowing you to be PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE planning months ahead. You'll be amazed.

  • Our 13-year track record of success with Fortune 500 companies, 12-time Award winning technology and hundreds of happy farmers proves we can do what we say we can do with 75% to 93% accuracy a year-ahead by week. And we don't change our forecasts once issued allowing you to plan PROACTIVELY with CONFIDENCE a year in advance.
  • How we've done the past 4 years predicting the peak corn price including the record surge in 2012 and the plummet in recent years. Haven't missed a season yet and we're particularly confident on 2016.
  • How we did in 2015 predicting both the weather and corn price across the Corn Belt by week - 85% Accurate.
  • Most importantly - what we see for 2016 week-by-week across the Corn Belt and why we're so confident on $6.50 to $7.00+ corn next year. Everything that could go wrong weather-wise in 2016 looks to go wrong
  • And you'll absolutely love the video of combines doing figure eights by Landon Smith of Midwest UAV. or web
While our Fortune 100 clients pay $50,000 to $200,000 a year for our services, our Ag Plans for farmers start at $299.40 a year for your zip code level year-ahead forecast. You can sign up on our PLANS page or call us at 1-610-807-0118 (e-mail for more information. If you want to call me directly before making a decision, just tell Pam you want to talk to the real Captain Kirk!
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Bill Kirk, CEO (The real "Captain Kirk" U.S. Air Force Gulf War Veteran 1989-1999)