Dear Farmer and Ag Enthusiast,
For over 15 years we've been accurately predicting weekly temperature and rainfall trends a YEAR-AHEAD by week for Fortune 500 companies; for the past few years we've been working with thousands of farmers. Our approach is very different than traditional meteorology as we use statistics and 24 climate cycles that are much more accurate and we do this for 21 million locations covering every 1 mile on Earth. We encourage you to watch our video FarmCast™ a new email daily report to compliment the web based services we offer farmers around the world.
  • Did you know there would be a record warm winter? We did
  • Did you know the floods in Argentina would start a Soybean rally? We did
  • Did you know there would be very hot/dry weather during Brazil's Safrina Corn pollination leading to a Corn rally? We did
  • Did you know there would be a May frost/freeze in the Corn Belt? We did
  • Did you know that El Nino's collapse would lead to La Nina hot/dry conditions in June for the Corn Belt? We did
  • Did you know the hurricane season would get off to the fastest start in 165 years with the most active season in a decade? We did
  • Did you know India and Australia's 2-year drought would end with epic rainfall in June? We did
  • Do you know that this Summer (June - August) will be one of the hottest/driest on record with disastrous results for U.S. Corn yields down 13% but soaring prices? We do!
  • Do you know we're headed for a very cold Fall - early Winter with early frost potential? We do!
Many predicted $2.50 - $3.50 Corn just a few months ago when weathertrends360 said prices would soar this year with all sorts of weather issues around the world. The $4.44 in middle June is just the start with a major rally in late July - early August. We'll explain why in this video. Our big clients pay $50,000 to $200,000 per year for our services but our product offering for farmers, anywhere in the world, range from $299.40 to $3,000 a year, many have made 10s of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars with our services. Check out our plans page to get started. Need more proof of our year-ahead projections, watch our Seeds of Success video series Episodes 1-3 on our YouTube page.
God Bless You folks...we're here to help!
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Warmest Regards,
Bill Kirk, CEO & Co-founder (The real "Captain Kirk" U.S. Air Force Gulf War Veteran 1989-1999)