Captain's Log 10 Aug 2020 Hot & Stormy...Watching Tropics!

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

Last week's Tropical Storm Isaias was a great example of how the RIGHT FRONT quadrant of a hurricane, even a tropical storm is the most devastating sector of a tropical system. Ultimately 6.4 million homes and businesses lost power with Isaias from NC to New England, some are still out nearly a week later! CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

10 aug log 8

It was Mrs. Captain Kirk's (Simona) birthday so why not got have a "tropical like" birthday lunch??? What could go wrong??? :) It started off nice with the tropical rain's making for a nice lunch but in 30 minutes the water rose 2-3 feet...even inside the restaurant. Note to self...check flood plain maps before venturing out! We left like ducks out the back of the restaurant since the front was under 2 feet of water.

10 aug log 1

Many organizations upped their hurricane totals with Colorado State University hurricane gurus now forecasting 24 named systems for the most active season since 2005. What wt360 has warned about for a year now!

10 aug log 2

This week (10-16 August): looks to bring nearly nationwide above average temperatures with the heaviest rainfall in the East. The west remains generally dry where 54% of the country is in dry to drought-like phases. For the U.S. overall the week trends 1.8F warmer than last year, 4th warmest in 35 years, wettest in 3 years and 3rd wettest in 35 years. A good summer clearance week for seasonal merchandise. Not so good for back to school sales in the South where schools are already open. A tropical system well out in the Atlantic could become the 10th named storm.

10 aug log 3

Next week (17-23 August) brings more of the same with the week likely to trend +0.5F warmer than last year making it the #1 hottest in 35 years for the U.S. overall. It is cooler than last year along the East Coast but also #1 wettest in 35 years nationally.

10 aug log 4

The tropics are likely to start heating up with several systems likely to develop the latter half of the month.

10 aug log 5

This is the Cape Verde season when tropical waves come off the African Savanna and these can produce major hurricanes. 85% of all major hurricanes start as tropical waves, so the next couple months need to be watched very closely for devastating impacts to the U.S.

10 aug log 6

The next couple weeks show most of the world on the warm side with the exceptions in Southern Brazil, Argentina, Central Russia and Siberia.

10 aug log 7

Look East before sunrise the 11-12 August to see the annual Perseid Meteor Shower with upwards of 60 meteors per hour.

Have a great week and stay safe!

- Captain Kirk out