26 May 2022 Upcoming hurricane season a 'perfect storm' for higher gas prices, says weather watcher
Bill Kirk, WeatherTrends International, on the companies that could be affected by what could be a 'historic' hurricane season. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Pete Najarian.
16 Mar 2022 Spring Outlook: Expect a warm, wet and stormy spring season
Bill Kirk, CEO of WeatherTrends, discusses the outlook for the spring season.
18 Nov 2021 Weather's role in supply chain issues that may disrupt your holiday
Bill Kirk, CEO & Co-founder of Weathertrends360, talks Thanksgiving food supply shortages relating to weather and production.
15 Sep 2021   Weather Trends Recap & Outlook for Retailers & Seasonal Suppliers
In his presentation, CEO of Weather Trends International Bill Kirk talks about how his company can help businesses answer key questions related to manufacturing, inventory, product mix, advertising, and more.
20 Sep 2021  How does the weather affect what we buy?
Bill Kirk speaks to “Marketplace” host Amy Scott about how the weather affects consumer behavior.
9 Dec 2019   This weather forecaster claims to predict sales of shorts and ice scrapers a year in advance. Can he — or anyone else?
Reliable year-ahead forecasts would be invaluable to retailers. "Once merchandise has been put out for the season," said Sucharita Kodali, an analyst and executive at Forrester research, "the cake is baked."
JPMorgan's Matthew Boss says 2 key factors are fueling brick-and-mortar strength
JPMorgan retail analyst Matthew Boss sees the rare winners of brick-and-mortar retail pursuing two aspects that he believes are key to staying afloat during the rise of e-commerce.
Bethlehem exec named to top CEO list by international business website
Owler, which has more than 1 million community members, has named Bill Kirk, CEO and co-founder of Weather Trends International Inc., as the No. 17 CEO in the tech industry and No. 32 overall out of 167,000 CEOs that it ranked.
A Big Exit For A Big Agri Data Startup: Who's Next? - Weather Trends International
Farmers? What has minding soil and cows to do with data mining? Turns out the world's most ancient occupation, for millennia an exemplar of experience-based decisions by individuals, is now teeming with data geeks.
Weather Predictions Far in Advance
Can forecasters really predict the weather one year from now?
Forbes 2009 America's Most Promising Companies
Weather Trends International was ranked #5 out of thousands of companies for this prestigious award.
Don't let it rain on your parade
What if you had known ahead of time that Hurricane Katrina would come our way in 2005? Or that, in 2007, we'd have a completely out-of-whack year, weather-wise?
Weather Trends CEO Interviewed on Follow the Money with Eric Bolling
Live interview on Canada's pull out of the Kyoto Protocol.
Outlook bleak for snowy Christmas
wt360 CEO Bill Kirk discusses just how little snow has fallen in 2011 compared to last year. Front page USA Today story on the likelihood of a brown Christmas vs a white Christmas.
Can the Weatherman Save You Money?
The iPhone can't control the weather, but a 99-cent app purports to take most of the guesswork out of planning weddings, ski trips, and other shopping decisions.
New App Forecasts the Weather a Year in Advance
Is this the future of weather forecasting? Time will tell, but for now consumers can sleep a little easier after using this app to outsmart the weather.
Can They Really Forecast Rain A Year Ahead?
Bruce Leshan from USA9 CBS TV in Washington D.C. interviews CEO Bill Kirk on how can help reduce some of the risk when planning your events months in advance.
Year ahead weather forecast could help planning trips.
If they can pull it off, the single most useful travel website might have arrived.
Weather Trends International 2011 Stevie Award Winner
Weather Trends International won their 12th business technology award for Web Site of the year ( in the 2011 American Business "Stevie" Awards ceremony on June 20th 2011.
Weather Trends International has released a 99-cent mobile application for the iPhone that lets any user predict long-term weather patterns.
Al Gore comments on wild fires in Arizona and global warming is "some of the greatest scientific fraud I think I've ever witnessed."
Bill Kirk, CEO was on with Eric Bolling "Follow the Money" and former New York Senator Al D'Amato talking about climate change and the 1970s.
wt360 for iPhone: Find Out What the Weather Is Going to Be in the Future
A year's worth of weather in your hand
wt360 Pro for iOS predicts next year's weather
"Ultimately, wt360Pro doesn't need to blow you away with all the visuals, as the developers know that the real draw is its 1,000 yard-stare into the future."
How about a smartphone application that claims to predict the weather a year in advance?
One Year Weather Predictions?
Bill Kirk on Street Signs talking about year-ahead weather and predicting Christmas weather.
Zillion introduces free year long weather forecasting web site
The long range forecasting company Weather Trends International is gearing up to push its brand in the consumer markets with
The Day After Tomorrow - The Weather of the Future
Introducing a website helmed by a crack team of meteorologists/fortune-tellers/covert operatives that predicts weather patterns nearly one year out in 195 different countries, online now for your vacation scheming assistance.
An Algorithm that Can Predict Weather a Year in Advance
The private firm based in Bethlehem, PA, uses technology first developed in the early 1990s, to project temperature, precipitation and snowfall trends up to a year ahead, all around the world, with more than 80% accuracy.