We're Fascinated With Weather

We're mathematicians, statisticians, meteorologists and business advisors.


We're On A Quest

We are obsessed with finding new ways to improve weather forecasting. We're as good as anyone at basic meteorology using traditional weather models to forecast the next 1-to-14 days, especially when we weave in our long term data with the short term physics. But we really get excited working on the forefront of new methods to forecast up to a year in advance.


To Help Businesses Thrive

We're not just geeking out on weather, we are a team of business advisors and techies who are constantly challenging our processors to analyze massive amounts of "big data" from hundreds of thousands of weather reporting stations around the globe as far back as 150 years. It's a massive amount of data and we love working with it to come up with formulas that give us better ways to help businesses and people around the world. Our WARP5™ (Weather Analytics for Retail Profits) Weather Center is more than just a really cool Star Trek themed studio but showcases how we help retailers, seasonal manufacturers, Wall Street and small businesses become PROACTIVE not REACTIVE a year ahead! The 5 stands for:
  1. Predictive year-ahead global weather forecasts
  2. Proactive year-ahead business planning
  3. Predictive year-ahead sales forecasting
  4. Proactive year-ahead advertising optimization
  5. The Power of 1F degree on sales

And wt360 has a really cool, award winning Star Trek themed weather center studio with LTN TV capabilities. Kudos to Lou at Cortron Media for all his help.



Bill Kirk
CEO / Co-Founder
Billy Dunn
President/Chief Leadership Officer
Jack Grum
CRO / Co-Founder
Rich Woolley
COO & Chief Forecaster
Matt Alonso
Chief Technology Officer
Bruce Firth
SVP Technology Integration
Rebecca Rosas
VP Business Development
Krissy Klinger
Vice President of Client Services
Pam Remetta
VP Predictive Analytics
Evan Lowery
Chief Science Officer
Vince Menichelli
Board Member
Laurence S. Kalkstein, Ph.D.
Advisory Board - Academia
Richard Gurniak
Gerry Kress
Board Observer

Bill Kirk

Bill is the "REAL" Captain Kirk, USAF Gulf War Veteran, CEO Co-founder of Weather Trends International. As of star date 2024, he has yet to ask Scotty to beam him up. His contagious passion for building the coolest, most accurate YEAR-AHEAD weather forecasting technology company on Earth with predictive sales analytics for Fortune 500 companies is in dog year 196 (28 years for those who hate simple math). Yes, we said YEAR-AHEAD forecasting but Bill jokes that God invented math so we use that, man invented physics so we don't use that and stick with a proprietary statistical/24 climate cycle approach; very different than traditional meteorological firms. We think differently, like a business, so we give answers not hedges.

He had way too much math disguised as calculus, physics and weather forecasting theory at Rutgers University, got the B.S. (pun intended) degree and was the only Air Force Distinguished Graduate award from NJ Governor Kean before entering the U.S. Air Force moons ago. With a Top Secret SCI security clearance, Bill experienced "things" many have not (he could tell you but then he'd have to kill'ya - ha) but received all sorts of awards for his support in Desert Storm, NASA Space Shuttle Columbia, Operation Just Cause, Gen Schwarzkopf Queen Knighting, 1000s of F-16 fighter missions, Tornado touchdown and the procurement of a $100+ million dollar Satellite Data Handling System. While he can NOT shoot a U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek phaser, he is an expert marksman with military small arms.

Bill has been featured on Fox Business, CNBC, ABC 20/20 and many other national TV networks, named as inventor/co-inventor on three U.S. and U.K. patents, and published research in hundreds of Wall Street equity reports from JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Cowen, and other industry tech reports. But he'd much rather be in the home office (which looks like a set out of Star Trek) building the best weather forecasting technology available that's received 13 national and international business technology awards. While the recognition as Forbes Magazine's 5th Most Promising Company in America and #17th ranked CEO on Owler's list of 167,000 CEOs in 2017 are kind of rewarding, the REAL reward is working with the most passionate and loyal group of employees any leader could ask for and some of the most successful companies in the world that "GET IT" when it comes to Better Business in any Weather®! Weather Trends has raised $6.8 million Series A to build the technology with no plans for additional funding.

As a high school Bible scholar from Hawaii, Bill learned early in life that "to whom much is given, much is expected", so the company is very philanthropic with first responders and Christian organizations like WordFM radio and Cure International. Bill is a board advisor for Millersville University Business of Science program, founding member of the Open Atmospheric Society and signatory member of the Cornwall Alliance. He lives in the Lehigh Valley with his two Angels – wife & daughter. God Bless You folks and dare we say it...WARP SPEED AHEAD!

-- Kirk out