Captain's Log 12 April '21 Hot to Cool and Dry

Captain's Log

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A recap of last week across the World (4-10 April) shows a record warm start here in the U.S. while Europe froze with damage to crops. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

12 April 21 Capts log 1

Here in the U.S. it was 3.7F warmer than last year making it the hottest start to April in over 26 years. Rainfall was 77% more than a year ago and 14th wettest of the past 36 years, while snowfall was down 81% vs a year ago, least in 7 years, 3rd least in 36 years. Canada was the warmest in 12 years, Europe coldest in 18 years with warmer trends across India, China and Australia.

12 April 21 Capts log 2

There have been a couple significant tornado outbreaks, but still trending 13% less than last year and 16% below average to date across the U.S.

12 April 21 Capts log 3

U.S. national weather trends since November shows most days were above average other than the Polar Vortex outbreak in early February, but still cooler than the Winter prior. March last year got off to a near record hot start, this year also above average after a cooler year-over-year start. April is trending much warmer than last year despite cooler weather moving in mid-month. May looks to make a wholesale change toward warmer weather for much of the U.S.

12 April 21 Capts log 4

This week (12-18 April) trends 5.1F warmer than last year's epically cold middle April period. Last year was the coldest in over 36 years, this year 16th coldest of the past 36 years with the Plains taking the brunt of the cold snap this year. Rainfall looks to be down 34%, least in 4 years and below average. Some heavier snow in the Rocky Mountains and Northwest Plains but overall 67% less than a year ago and least in 4 years. No major severe weather outbreaks expected this week.

12 April 21 Capts log 5

Next week (19-25 April) trends 0.5F warmer but still 17th coolest of the past 36 years with cooler than average temperatures. Rainfall looks to trend 67% less than last year and least in 32 years for a potentially very dry week. Great for farmers starting to plant crops. Snowfall is again well below average and 3rd least in 36 years.

12 April 21 Capts log 6

The World 2-week aggregate forecast (12-25 April) shows the cool conditions in the Middle of the U.S. and Europe, while warmer conditions finally move into Russia. India, the Middle East into the deserts of Africa remain hot and dry.

12 April 21 Capts log 7

We end today's video with a panoramic view from our new HQ currently under construction...coming July this year.

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