Captain's Log 13 June '21 Hot & Dry for Most, Cooler Northeast

Captain's Log

Happy Sunday! :)

A World recap last week (6-12 June) shows the U.S. was one of the many hot spots trending +3.7F warmer than last year making it the hottest in over 36 years. Rainfall was down 5%, driest in 3 years and 15th driest in 36 years. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

13 june 21 log 1-min

Europe was warmer than last year and very dry, driest in 36 years, Russia driest in 18 years, China driest in 9 years while a bit wetter in India and Australia.

13 june 21 log 2-min

Dry to drought phases made a big jump up this week with 61% of the U.S. dry which puts it on par with 2012 and 2002 at this point in the season. Last year went on to have a very dry Summer in the crop regions despite the U.S. being relatively wet at this point in the season last year and excessively wet in 2019. The hot/dry trends are very likely to continue all Summer across the West and North Central U.S.

13 june 21 log 3-min

This week (13-19 June) continues to trend +4.5F warmer than last year, warmest in 27 years and 2nd warmest in 36 years. These are very favorable trends for Summer seasonal categories. The Northeast will be the cool spot. Rainfall again down 49% vs last year, driest in 25 years and 3rd driest in 36 years, so the dryness will expand a bit this week.

13 june 21 log 4-min

Need to start watching the tropics as the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a couple threats this week. The North Central Gulf and West Florida greatest threat areas over the next week.

13 june 21 log 5-min

Next week (20-26 June) looks to trend +0.6F warmer than last year, warmest in 5 years and 8th warmest in 36 years. A warming trend Father's Day weekend in the East! Rainfall probably over done here with an outlook that suggests #1 wettest in 36 years with a heavy band from Oklahoma to West Virginia - TBD on that.

13 june 21 log 6-min

The World 2-week aggregate forecast (13-26 June) shows the most favorable areas for hot Summer seasonal categories to be in the Western 2/3rds of the U.S., West Canada, Much of Europe and Russia and Southeast China.

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