Captain's Log 13 March '22 Winter Exiting...Taste of Spring!

Captain's Log

Sunday 13 March 2022...did you turn your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time?

Every week we'll explore some interesting weather in our year-ahead statistical/climate cycle forecasts, and today we'll use the wt360 Vacation/Event Planner tool. After the snow you might be thinking about a tropical getaway with 90s and sun in Nassau, Bahamas? Just input the location (anywhere in the world) select your ideal weather and we'll return three weeks for those conditions (the earliest, the best and the 2nd best). For Nassau we expect those conditions as early as 3-9 April 2022, best week is 31 Jul - 6 Aug and the 2nd best is 25 Sep - 1 Oct. If you like cold and snow in Aspen...we like almost every week in December 2022 this year! Earliest 4-10 December 2022, best 11-17 December and 2nd best week 18-24 Dec. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW

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Back to reality...a review of last week across the World (6-12 March) shows the U.S. flip flopping back to Winter with the nation trending a whopping -8.8F colder than last year, coldest in 23 years and 5th coldest in 37 years with much below average national temperatures. Rainfall was up +223% over last year, most in 6 years and 9th wettest of the past 37. Snowfall up with the big Nor'easter, national snowfall +303% more than last year, most in 23 years and 4th most in 37 years with much above average national snowfall. World trends show Eastern Europe and Siberia on the cold side.

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Snow cover across the U.S. is 37% which is the 2nd most in 18 years, most in 3 years and well above the average of 23%. Last year only 20% of the country had snow on the ground.

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The 6-day snowfall forecast 13-18 March for the U.S. shows 91% less than last year and 91% below average, least in 27 years!


This Week (13-19 March) shows a warmer trend as the intense Nor'easter takes all the cold air out of the U.S. National temperatures trend +2.2F warmer than last year, warmest in 6 years and 10th warmest in 37 years. Rainfall is 50% less than last year, least in 3 years and 12th driest of the past 37 years nationally. Snowfall also the least in 10 years and below average. This should be a stronger week for early Spring merchandise sales over last week.

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Next Week (20-26 March) trends -1.7F colder than a year ago, coolest in 3 years nationally but still 10th warmest of the past 37 years. A potentially stormy week as the Polar Vortex breaks apart which could bring some cooler weather Rockies clashing with warm humid air to the East. Tornadoes as of 13 March are at 121 so far across the U.S., up +303% over last year's very slow start. Rainfall up 2% over a year ago, the most in 10 years and 4th most in 37 years while snowfall is the least in 36 years.

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Aggregating the 2-week weather across the World (13-26 March) shows a warm up for North America but remains cold in Eastern Europe and Siberia but very warm across China, India and the Middle East.

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Check out today's video for a timelapse of our Nor'easter snow event here in Eastern PA on Saturday.

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