Captain's Log 16 Dec '19 Update and "launching rockets" :)

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

You have 5 days until Winter officially arrives, 8 days until Christmas and if you want to bypass this whole Winter thing you have 94 days to Spring and a whopping 187 until Summer. I'm sure that just made a lot of folks depressed. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

monday log 1

Snow Cover across the U.S. this morning is the most in 6 years with 47% blanketed in snow. This will likely peak at over 50% tomorrow but then gradually diminish through Christmas.

monday log 2

Snowfall this season now has every state except South Carolina and Florida reporting some snow. The national snowfall index is waning a bit now trending most in 6 years, 25% above average and 10th snowiest of the past 30+ years.

monday log 3A snowy system tracking into the Northeast today and tomorrow will be the closest we'll get to a White Christmas in the Coastal Northeast with snow north and west of the I-95 corridor.

monday log 4

This week (16-22 December) trends 6.7F colder than last year which is very favorable for stronger seasonal sales gains. Nationally it's the 12th coldest in 30 years with below average national temperatures.

monday log 5

Next week (23-29 December) warms up in the Southeast while the West cools down. Still 1.4F cooler than last year despite the big warm up in the Southeast with the West the cool spot and seasonably cool temps in New England.

monday log 6

Christmas Day looks to be cool Northeast and Rocky Mountains while it's frigid in Siberia at -58F below zero while it's Summer like in Australia's Great Sandy Desert at 115F. That's a whopping 173F temperature difference across the World.

monday log 7

We had some FUN with the little Captain Kirk (Angelina) enjoying "Daddy's rocket ship" as we worked on a TOP SECRET project. ;) See the video as she sings some Christmas songs for you while launching rockets.

monday log 10

Next week we will be reporting from a warmer climate so follow us on social media for fun updates. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Linkedin

monday log 8

Have a wonderful Christmas and great start to 2020.

monday log 9

- Kirk out.