Captain's Log 2 Mar '24: A Record Wet Start to March

Captain's Log
2 March 2024: Happy Saturday! :)

In just 8 days we'll spring ahead with Daylight Saving Time and in 17 days Spring officially arrives. In the meantime, the wettest start to March in over 39 years, up +64% vs last year with major flooding and severe weather concerns. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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Last week (25 Feb - 2 Mar) across the World shows the U.S. trending +2.3F warmer than last year, warmest in 24 years, 2nd warmest in 39 years. Rainfall up +29% vs last year, wettest in 6 years and 6th wettest of the past 39 years, while snowfall was down -57% vs LY, least in 3 years and 7th least in 39 years. Below average temperatures were across Canada, Alaska, the Middle East, China and Siberia.

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This week (3-9 Mar) shows the U.S. trending +4.5F warmer than last year, warmest in 24 years, 3rd warmest in 39 years. Cooler West, much warmer East. Rainfall up +108% over last year, wettest in 13 years and 3rd wettest of the past 39 years. Severe weather and flooding are going to be a common theme this Spring. Snowfall was -54% vs last year, least in 3 years and 13th least of the past 39 despite the feet of snow in the higher elevations of the West.

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The fire danger risk continues in North Texas - New Mexico in the South-Central Plains but some higher humidity may help a bit in the week ahead. wt360 offers a fire danger forecast report, contact for more information.

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The 6-day snowfall outlook (2-7 March) shows a couple more days of heavier mountain snow in the West with some very light snow spilling out into the Upper Plains. Overall, snowfall is -38% vs last year, least in 3 years, 11th least in 39 years with 30% of the population impacted. Just beyond this period there is risk for some snow in the Northeast next weekend with a briefly colder period.

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Next week (10-16 March) shows more of the same with temperatures trending +2.8F warmer than last year, warmest in 8 years, 7th warmest in 39 years. The cooler spots are in the Southwest and South while the Plains are much warmer. Rainfall again way up +32% vs last year, most in 8 years and 5th most in 39 years; while snowfall is down -83% vs last year, least in 8 years and 7th least in 39 years.

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The Polar Vortex shows signs of splitting with just very brief glancing shots in Canada and the U.S.

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The World 2-week outlook (3-16 March) shows colder weather is limited to Alaska and Western North America, Southwest Russia and Northeast China.

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It remains very wet and stormy on a World scale as El Nino continues to weaken.

We end today's video with a 2024 outlook for the insurance industry. It's going to be a high-risk year with the highest damages due to severe weather in 7 years.

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