Captain's Log 21 Nov '21 Happy Thanksgiving

Captain's Log

Happy Sunday! :)

It was a busy week on the media front for weathertrends360 with a supply chain story on FOX WEATHER, feature on RCN TV Community spotlight and an NPR radio segment.

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The World recap for last week (14-20 November) shows the U.S. trending -2.2F cooler than last year, 17th warmest of the past 36 years with slightly above average national temperatures. The bright spot for seasonal sales was clearly the Eastern half of the country. Rainfall was 12% wetter nationally, but still very dry trending 4th driest of the past 36 years which is a plus for holiday shopping store traffic. Snowfall was 69% more than a year ago but still 10th least of the past 36 years, so not too bad on that front as well. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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Around the world, Canada was the warmest in 12 years while down under in Australia it was the coldest late Spring week in 22 years.

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The Pacific Ocean has turned very cold with La Nina still expected to be a strong event by middle Winter and then slowly weakening but lingering well into early Summer 2022. The other large scale Pacific Ocean cycle is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) cycle that is near historic cold for this time of year trending the coldest in 66 year and 2nd coldest in 125 years. These are teaming up to have a significant influence on our Winter and Spring ahead!


This Week (21-27 November) shows a moderating trend with the U.S. trending 2.9F colder than last year and 18th warmest of the past 36 years for the U.S. overall, near average. The favorable spots for Fall seasonal merchandise sales would be in the Eastern half of the country where it's still quite a bit colder than last year. Rainfall is down 52% vs last year, driest in 4 years and 5th driest in 36 years with well below average precipitation. This is a very favorable trend for strong store traffic for the kick off of the 2021 holiday shopping season! Snowfall also 24% less than last year, least in 4 years and 6th least in 36 years, so not a lot of weather to impede shoppers or travelers!


The 6-day snowfall outlook shows some light snow, but again well below average for this time of year.


Next Week (28 Nov - 4 Dec) shows a big warm up expanding across the country with slightly below average temperatures limited to New England. This is an unfavorable week for cold seasonal merchandise sales but certainly a benefit to outdoor holiday decor categories and overall store traffic. Rainfall 24% less than a year ago, 17th driest in 36 years with near average rainfall. Snowfall again way down, trending 84% less than last year and #1 least snow in over 36 years.


The 2-week World trends show a general warming trend across the U.S. but much colder in Alaska, Western Europe, Australia and South Africa.


From our family to yours we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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