Captain's Log 27 June '21 Hottest June in 36+ Years!

Captain's Log

Good Evening. :) Happy Sunday!

The last week summary around the world (20-26 June) shows the U.S. trending 1.4F cooler than last year, coolest in 10 years and 13th coolest of the past 36 years. Rainfall was 27% more than last year, wettest in 4 years and 3rd wettest of the past 36 years. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

27 June capts log 1-min

Very dry across Canada - driest in 18 years, Cool West-Hot East across Europe, Russia hot and driest in 8 years, China driest in 32 years, India driest in 7 the theme for many areas was dry.

27 June capts log 2-min

With only a few days left in the month of June, the month trended HOT for the U.S. overall. Factoring in 27 days of history and 3 days of forecast, the month looks to trend +1.6F warmer than last year and #1 hottest in 36 years. A great month for hot Summer seasonal category sales for items like AC, fans, cold beverages, garden, pool supplies and auto battery failures for the Northwest. Rainfall was up 6% over last year but still 17th driest of the past 36 years. It was feast or famine with the Northwest half of the country exceptionally dry with many areas the driest since the last 1980s. Wet in the South Central and Ohio Valley.

27 June capts log 3-min

One thing that's way down as expected is tornadoes, trending 30% below average, 19% less than last year and 64% below the epic 2011 season. Second year in a row trending way below average.

27 June capts log 4-min

This week (27 June - 3 July) trends very similar to last year, -0.1F cooler, making it the 7th warmest end to June in 36 years with above average national temperatures. The Northeast and especially the Northwest will have the strongest year-over-year gains for Summer seasonal merchandise sales. Much cooler in the Southwest and Southern Rocky Mountains. Rainfall is up 27% over last year, wettest in 5 years and 6th wettest in 36 years. Remains very dry in the Northwest into the North Central U.S. Models have been way over forecasting rainfall in the parched Western Corn Belt (Iowa) and North Central U.S. with many areas having the hottest and driest June since the late 1980s.

The 4th of July holiday weekend (2nd - 5th) looks to be the coolest in 6 years for the U.S. overall, but still 15th warmest of the past 36 years. Rainfall up 53% over last year but still 14th driest of the past 36 years. Overall, sales for hot seasonal items likely to be flat to last year's 3rd hottest/3rd driest holiday weekend in 36 years.

27 June capts log 5-min

Need to watch the tropics with a couple threats possible to the Southeast U.S. The next name on the list would be Danny and that could be the system to impact the Georgia - South Carolina areas this week.

27 June capts log 6-min

Next week (4-10 July) while a bit cooler than last year is still 5th hottest of the past 36 years with building heat in the North Central U.S. Soggy soils in the South are helping to keep it cooler with a topsy turvy pattern. 27% drier than last year for the U.S. overall, driest in 3 years and 16th driest of the past 36. Same areas getting rain while areas that desperately need it aren't getting much if any.

27 June capts log 7-min

The World overall 2-week outlook shows the building heat in the U.S., continued hot for many areas around the world with worsening drought in the U.S., Canada and Brazil.

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