Captain's Log 3 May '21 Up and Down Pattern

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

The World weather trends last week (25 April - 1 May) show the U.S. was the warmer spot trending +0.7F warmer than last year, warmest in 3 years and 4th warmest in 36 years with much above average temperatures. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

3 may 21 log 1

Rainfall was 20% less than a year ago, driest in 3 years and 13th least in 36 years, below average. Canada was a bit cooler, Europe and China were the coldest in 4 years, Brazil the coolest in 5 years, Australia the coldest in 6 years, Russia the coldest in 14 years, while India the warmest in 5 years.

3 may 21 log 2

The calendar April trends across the World shows the U.S. trending 1.4F warmer than last year, 15th warmest in 36 years with above average national temperatures. Rainfall was 22% less than last year, driest in 9 years and 9th driest in 36 years. Snowfall was down 36% vs a year ago and least in 4 years, below average. This time of year, warmer/drier weather is better for seasonal merchandise sales in the Northern Hemisphere so certainly a positive month (especially early and late month) for retailers and seasonal manufacturers. If you were sneezing nonstop...blame the weather for a very strong start to the allergy season! Canada was positive trending warmest in 11 years and the Middle East the hot spot trending the hottest in 21 years. Europe was unfavorable for seasonal merchandise trending coldest in 25 years! Australia was favorable with the coldest conditions in 6 years (Fall down under).

3 may 21 log 3

The daily weather trends across the U.S. show the much warmer and drier Spring conditions with Spring to date (1 March - 2 May) trending the warmest in 4 years, 4th warmest in 36 years; driest and least snow in 9 years with tornadoes down 47% vs last year and 38% below average. A very favorable Spring so far for seasonal merchandise sales, allergy and asthma medications, outdoor dining and other outdoor activities.

3 may 21 log 4

This week (3-9 May) shows temperatures trending 2.6F warmer than last year but still a bit below average and 15th coolest of the past 36 years. But, much warmer than last year's coldest early May in over 36 years, so still a positive for seasonal merchandise sales. Rainfall up 93% over last year with a band of heavier rain possible from MO to OH with the U.S. overall the 6th wettest of the past 36 years.

3 may 21 log 5

Next week (10-16 May) shows a warming trend with the U.S. +3.9F warmer than last year, warmest in 3 years and 16th warmest in 36 years. The middle May period last year was the coldest in over 24 years so this is another big surge in Spring seasonal merchandise sales but also the peak period for allergy and asthma suffering. Heavier rainfall appears to shift more south from TX to VA. Models have been over estimating rainfall as of late, so this may be overdone.

3 may 21 log 6

An organization that Weather Trends supports is who gave us their annual "Spirit of WordFM" award. The award really goes to Mrs. Captain Kirk (Simona) as she's the one who encouraged us to support them some 7 years ago. After several hurricanes hit Central America contaminating water supplies in Honduras, WordFM provided thousands of water filtration devices that purify water for 60 years to needy families, Weather Trends was happy to support their efforts. On this night the organization supported was Cure International that heals kids all over the world with curable child deformities. Weather Trends embraces the belief that to whom much is given, much is expected. It was a fun and funny night. :)

3 may 21 log 7

And our new Headquarters up on the 8th floor in downtown Bethlehem PA is officially under construction, we'll be live by late Summer!

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