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The ocean temperatures show a La Nada event that's borderline weak El Nino. Model expectations are for a neutral phase to dominate the Winter ahead and well into 2020. This time last year it was a borderline Moderate El Nino so the ocean cycle trend is colder than a year ago.

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Snowfall season to date has been the most in 10 years and 3rd most in 30 years for the U.S. overall after another historic, record breaking snow storm moved through the Midwest over Halloween. The East Coast was on the warm side of the storm with many reports of wind damage and tornadoes on Halloween.

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Snow Cover this morning stands at 10.4% which is above last year and above the average of 7.3%. Well below the big year in 2003 when 20.6% of the U.S. was covered in snow. For the Northern Hemisphere (world) snow extent is at 8.91 million sq/km which is a tad below average of 8.94 and similar to last year. For North America snow cover is 22% less than last year but still 2% above average.

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While FLU is off to a tad quicker start than last year, mainly the Southern-tier of the U.S. Only Louisiana shows a regional outbreak. Back in 2009 it was an epic start with 50 states having widespread Flu conditions.

log mon 5Time to vote and tomorrow's weather doesn't look that bad. Worst conditions in Florida and the interior Northeast but much of the rest of the U.S. dry.

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This week (4-10 Nov) it's cold East, Warm West with the nation as a whole trending -0.5F colder than last year making it the coldest in 16 years, 7th coldest in 30 years. Driest in 3 years, 12th wettest in 30 years which is about average for the nation.

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Snowfall takes a brief break until the weekend trending least in 3 years, below average. Euro more excited about an inland Northeast snow event this weekend.

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Next week (11-17 Nov) more of the same with the cold weather in the East and very hot weather in the West. Nationally the week looks to trend +1.3F warmer than last year but still 6th coldest of the past 30 years. A drier week with most precip falling as snow in the higher terrain of the Appalachian Mountains and New England. TBD if the Euro is right on a potential coastal storm around the 12th. Either way, this is a very strong start to retail Q4 (Nov - Jan) sales on par with last year's great start.

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The little Captain Kirk "Angelina" was decked out in white on Sunday and even brought out the snow sled. While Mommy was moving tropical flowers around INSIDE the house to hopefully keep Winter away for a tad longer. Middle November last year we had the big blizzard and then nothing for two months so the little one is ready for the first snow, rest of us not so much.

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