Captain's Log 8 Jun '20 Tropics, Drought 7 Father's Day Sales

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is off to a record start with 3 named storms and the season just started 1 June. T.S. #3 Cristobal made landfall Sunday in the Louisiana area with minimal impacts other than some flooding rains. It was an unusual storm that originated in the Easter Pacific, crossed over Mexico and regained strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Now a lull for a couple weeks but this will certainly be a devastating and active season so now is the time to get ready, especially in the North Central Gulf, South Florida and New England! CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.


Year-to-date rainfall shows the Western half of the country has been very dry with much below average rainfall for most while wetter in parts of the Southeast. The remnants of T.S. Cristobal will head North into the Great Lakes into Southern Canada this week over areas that have been wetter this year.


The U.S. now has 36% of the country in dry to drought-like conditions and we expect this to expand significantly this Fall into Spring 2021. Last year the U.S. had the least dry to drought conditions in many decades with just 9% of the country dry.


This week (8-14 June) shows what goes up...something comes down and that something is cooler weather from Canada. For the U.S. overall, the week trends similar to a year ago with the 7th coolest conditions in 35 years, below average national temperatures. Despite the heavier rainfall from Cristobal in the Central U.S., the nation still trends driest in 3 years and 12th driest in 35 years. The tropics look to take a breather the next couple weeks.


Next week (15-21 June) the nation trends a tad warmer than a year ago but still the 10th coolest week before Father's Day in 35 years with below average national temperatures. Temperatures will moderate with a warming trend developing in the Central U.S. Still drier than a year ago and 9th driest in 35 years for the nation as a whole.


The Father's Day weekend (19th-21st) looks to be a bit better than last year. Recall a year ago the weekend was the coolest in 11 years and wettest in decades. This year Dad's weekend looks to be a tad warmer and driest in 4 years which is a benefit to outdoor categories like fishing equipment, pool supplies and garden categories. Grass allergy suffers will also see an uptick in grass pollen. The wt360 Power of 1 Degree technology can quantify these weather changes and what it means for your seasonal sales by zip code, by mile everywhere on Earth...A YEAR-AHEAD. Sample planner outputs.


We are day 83 remote here in Eastern PA but are now in the yellow phase with things SLOWLY getting back to normal. Unfortunately most parks and pools will remained closed for the season...explain that to a 4-year old! So, we built a small playground, pool for the little Angelina...she's pretty happy about that.

We hope and pray all are healthy and safe with your families and businesses. Brighter days ahead. Please follow us on social media for frequent updates: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Linkedin

- Captain Kirk out.