Captain's Log Monday 2 December 2019

Captain's Log

Happy Snowy Monday for millions. :)

Starting to see the first signs of ice on the Great Lakes way up in Black Bay Lake Superior, but for now the lakes are wide open.

dec log 1

As cold air moves over the relatively milder lake water the lake effect snow machine can crank up but for now it's a coastal Northeast storm making headlines. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW

dec log 2

Snow Cover across the U.S. this morning is impressive with 46.3% of the U.S. with snow on the ground which is well above the average of 25.9% and a tad more than last year making it the most in over 16 years.

dec log 3

Snowfall season to date is pretty impressive as well with the U.S. trending 17.9% more than last year, 63% above average making it the snowiest start since 1996, 23 years ago.

dec log 4

The 4-day snowfall outlook shows the Northeast is the bigger winner this week with the season's first significant snowfall for the Philadelphia to Boston corridor.

dec log 5

As usual, short-range computer models have been all over the place in terms of snow totals with this storm, but the interior Northeast and higher elevations likely to be the bigger winners here. Nor'easters are famous for surprises both on the upside and downside as just a slight shift in the track of 50 miles can make all the difference. But for millions in the Northeast the evening commute is going to be challenging.

dec log 6

This week (2-8 December) shows the East Coast is the cold spot while the Western 2/3rds of the country warms up. For the U.S. overall the week looks to trend +3.6F warmer than last year and 12th warmest in 30 years (above average). Despite the most snow in 6 years, overall total precipitation for the U.S. is the least in 9 years and 5th driest in 30 years.

dec log 7

Next week (9-15 December) trends a tad colder than last year and 14th warmest of the past 30 years nationally. The cold spot is likely in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. Stormy with the wettest conditions in 11 years with heavier snow possible in the Upper Midwest.

dec log 8

For Angelina fans, a few photos for you this week. :) When a meteorologist walks into Home Depot to get a snow shovel you can see the "uh oh" expressions.

dec log 10

We can blame the little one for the Nor'easter as she did her happy snow dance all weekend...the excitement of the first snow for kids is fun to watch...commuters not so much.

dec log 9

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- Kirk out...actually in since it's snowing out. ;)