Captain's Log Star Date 11 Nov 2019

Captain's Log

Happy Veteran's Day Monday! :)

Next time you see a veteran go with the customary "Thank you for your service" but maybe add "and sacrifice" as Freedom is never Free. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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Captain Kirk participated in Angelina's race for education this morning where they honored veterans.

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Angelina just wanted to "run Daddy run...faster faster faster." :)

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The 14-day world outlook shows one extreme to the other as a major record breaking cold blast moves into the Eastern U.S. with some inland snow while the Western U.S. heats up. About to get quite stormy for much of Europe with 4 to 5 storms over the next couple weeks.

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This week (11-17 November) shows the record cold in the Eastern U.S. which will peak mid week with some moderation by the weekend. Despite the cold weather, the week still trends +1.3F warmer than last year but 6th coldest of the past 30 years. Precipitation is drier than last year and also 6th driest of the past 30 years. Snowfall, however, looks to be 7% less than last year but that's still much above average with the inland Northeast early week storm.

log 5 monNext week (18-24 November) looks to be a much warmer week with the U.S. trending +0.7F warmer than last year and warmest in 15 years, 4th warmest in 30 years. Wettest in 4 years, 7th wettest in 30 years with above average precipitation but snowfall should be similar to last year but well below average for the nation as a whole.

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Season-to-date snowfall is the most in 19 years and 5th most in 30 years trending 64% above average. The Northeast to date is trending well below average.

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Snow Cover this morning was the least in 3 years but that's still above average for today with 16.8% of the U.S. having snow on the ground.

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We will add to the interior Northeast snow totals early in the week with a moderate snow event from West Virginia mountains to interior New England. By the weekend and going into next week, the snow is likely to shift back to the higher elevations of the Northern Rocky Mountains.

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- Kirk out.