Captain's Log Star Date 23 Sep 2019 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday folks! :)

If you think the first day of Fall was on the warm side you're right as nationally it was the warmest since 2005. Fall officially arrived early this morning at 3:50am EDT. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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If you think it's also been on the dry side in the Southeast and parts of the Northeast, you're right again as the Eastern half of the U.S. has been the driest since 2010 and 2nd driest in 30 years. It's also been very dry in the Southwest but some tropical moisture may bring some flash flooding to Arizona this week. Soil moisture levels are getting low in the Southeast, a sign we're headed for dry to very dry drought conditions in the U.S. for 2020!

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The tropics have 3 weaker Tropical Storms with Karen being the only one to be concerned about for Florida next week. Bermuda to get another glancing blow from Jerry...much weaker than Humberto last week.

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This last week of September (23-29) looks to trend warmer than last year and 7th warmest of the past 30 years for the U.S. overall. Rainfall is drier than last year and 9th driest of the past 30 years with the heavy rain in Arizona and much needed in West Texas.

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Next week (30 Sep - 6 Oct) shows some Fall like weather invading the Western half of the U.S. while it remains hot and generally dry in the East. Nationally it looks to be warmest in 6 years and 5th warmest in 30 years with the wettest conditions in 4 years. Too much rain in the Heartland as farmers begin harvesting after a very rough year.

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The 2-week aggregate across the World shows Canada the cold spot with below to much below average temperatures almost country wide. Still hot in the Eastern U.S. and much of South America as they transition into Spring. This will create some planting issues in Brazil as they begin to plant their full season crops with hot/dry conditions in the key growing regions. Seasonable for the Northern half of Europe.

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Don't make the mistake of uttering possibly going to the beach in front of a 3-year old as you'll be going to the beach whether you want to or not. :) It was a hot Sunday and we got off to a very late start but the little one was super happy. :)

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- Kirk out.