Star Date 1 Feb 2017 Wednesday

Captain's Log
Just a quick recap now that January 2017 is in the history books.

The cold spots globally in January were in Europe, Western Russia, Greenland and the Western U.S.

capts log 1 wed

Rain and snowfall was pretty epic in the Western U.S. with the most precipitation in 22 years for California. Some areas in Northern California had over 20" of rain for the month with mountains locations well over 250" of snowfall - a near record. The Southeast U.S. was plagued by an outbreak of tornadoes with many killed.

capts log 2 wed

Daily trends for the U.S. as a whole show the 3rd major cold snap early in the month then a prolonged January Thaw. A drier pattern finally set up late month. For the U.S. overall it was the 5th warmest January in 26 years, warmest in 4 years after 3 generally cold January's in a row, 3rd wettest in 26 years - wettest in 17 years and 5th least snowfall for the U.S. overall.

capts log 3 wed

Snow cover at month end was 41% of the U.S. which is just a tad above average but the most coverage in 3 years. Peak snow cover was January 2010 at 70% and the low was 21% back in 2006.

capts log 4 wed

Going into February the pattern has flip flopped quite a bit with the colder trends in the Northeast and warmer for the Western half of the country.

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Have a great day folks. - Capt Kirk out.