Star Date 10 July 2018 Tuesday

Captain's Log

Happy Tuesday!

The weather pattern is shifting a bit with a general trend toward cooler weather for the Midwest, Lakes and eventually Northeast for the later half of July while the West gets hot and wet (monsoon season). CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.


The Atlantic Hurricane season is actually off to a fast start with soon to be Hurricane Chris off the East Coast. Fortunately Chris will take a fish storm track and remain off the coast, but 3 named storms by early July is a very fast start - normally we'd reach 3 systems by early to middle August. The MJO cycle suggests a lull after these systems but then likely to flare up again in August.


Over the next 2-weeks the trends show the cooler spots are in the Eastern half of the U.S., most of Europe and the Arctic regions, everyone else generally above average. On the rainfall map you can see how the dust coming off Africa into the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean is creating a dry pattern into the Caribbean. Again, after Chris and the remnants of Beryl should again remain off the East Coast as the system does have the chance to redevelop once again. Waters off the East Coast are well above average and above 80F so plenty warm enough to sustain a tropical system.


For our fans that like to see little Angelina Kirk we have an update. :) Angelina can confirm the waters off New Jersey are very warm as she enjoyed her first trip to the beach this weekend.


Prying her off the beach created a meltdown only a 2.5 year old is capable of, but overall she was a good girl. We were 28 miles (as the bird flies) from the Freedom Tower if that helps narrow down this pretty spot on the NJ shore that actually puts palm trees in the sand!


This weekend, Captain Kirk is speaking at the National Association of Counties annual conference in Nashville, TN about how the applications of year-ahead weather and predictive business analytics can be used to help towns and county governmentsbetter plan their budgets.

We hope you have a great week ahead. - Captain Kirk out.