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Your Weekend (12-14 April) outlook and Blizzard update.

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Happy Monday (8 April)! :)

The first major nation-wide spring surge has a couple more days to go before Winter makes a come back late week. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

8 apr LOG 1

Recall this time last year was the 2nd coldest in 30 years, snowiest in 15 years so the year-over-year change toward much hotter Spring weather is about as big as it gets. Today is the warmest 8 April in over 30 years so enjoy as SNOW is on the forecast!

8 apr LOG 2

A strong cold front and storm system will bring a blizzard to the Upper Plains and Upper Midwest for the later half of the week. Model estimates probably over done here but a foot of snow is not out of the question from western Nebraska to Northern Wisconsin Wednesday into Friday.

8 apr LOG 3

This week (8-14 April) trends warmer than last year and 12th warmest of the past 30 years. Much above average temperatures will go below average for much of the Eastern half of the country later this week. Rainfall is again pretty epic trending wettest in 30 years which will add to flooding concerns along the Mississippi River in the weeks ahead.

8 apr LOG 4

Next week (15-21 April) the heat returns quickly to the Western half of the country and gradually spreading East as we get toward Easter. Overall the U.S. will trend warmer than last year and 13th warmest of the past 30 years, wetter than last year, 6th wettest in 30 years but least snow in 2 years and 5th least snow in 30 years so Winter is just about over.

8 apr LOG 5

Looking at Easter week we see a much more favorable pattern than last year when the nation was the3rd coldest in 30 years and snowiest in 21 years...this year 6th warmest nationally and least snow in 16 years so a strong surge in Spring sales likely to round out Q1 (Feb-Apr).

8 apr LOG 6

A big THANK YOU to team wt360 Krissy and Christine for holding down the fort at Millersville Universities Public Weather Awareness Day this past weekend. All of our super heros are gone, kid favorite, and most of the stress balls as well.

8 apr LOG 7

The next big event that wt360 is sponsoring is Bethlehem Christian School's annual fundraising auctionMay 10th with guest speaker David Akers, NFL placekicker Philadelphia Eagles.Click here for more information on this event.

8 apr LOG 8

With a gorgeous weekend here in the East we took to the little one to Easton's Crayola Factory which has Daddy elevated to Daddy of the month. ha It's a great place for a quick day trip if you're in the area. And then we enjoyed the 71ºF weather trying to swing and hold onto your Crayola toys at the same problem for the showing off 3 year old.

8 apr LOG 9

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- Captain Kirk out.