Star Date 11 Jan 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday folks!

THIS WEEK (11-17 JAN): The cold spots for the week overall will be in the North Central U.S., Southwest U.S., Central Canada, UK and China. The really cold spots this week will be Norway, Northern Europe with increasing cold later in the week Europe wide and Western Russia. The very warm conditions for this time of year are in Northeast Canada, Alaska, NW Africa and the Middle East.

Precipitation is heaviest along the U.S. West Coast from Bakersfield CA to Seattle WA, Central Florida, Europe and SE China.

Snowfall is heaviest in Eastern Canada (wet and icy snow with milder temps), Central and Eastern Europe, Western Russia and Japan. In the U.S. the snowiest spots the front half of the week is around the Lake Effect regions and then we watch for a Central U.S. storm toward the weekend. The seasons first heavier snow showers are possible in Eastern PA and New Jersey (we know many of you are waiting for that first 1" of snow) mid-week but we're talking dusting type accumulations so doubtful we'll get our first inch here at wt360 headquarters in Bethlehem, PA. Right now that late week storm looks to bring 4-8" snow amounts from SE Kansas to Central Illinois and another band from SE Minnesota to Northern Wisconsin. This moves into the interior Northeast by Sunday but once again the big cities from DC to Boston will miss out on the snow as milder temps once again make this a rain event. Here in the Northeast we're getting a 2-3 day cold snap, then much above average temps for 3-4 days toward the weekend, then another cool down early next week, and then more moderation way out there. Reason we're not getting excited this far out for a snow storm around 23rd. So much is going to change before then.

For the U.S. overall this week is trending+0.7 degree warmer than last year but -0.7 degrees below average for the U.S. as a whole. Precipitation is +20% vs last year but still 9% below average nationally. Snowfall for 260 major cities is the most in 5 years and above average.

NEXT WEEK (18-24 Jan): Not much change to the cold spots around the world as the Central U.S., Europe and China remain on the cold side of average. Overall the U.S. trends cooler than last year and slightly below average. Rainfall is the most in 4 years and about 21% above average for the U.S. Snowfall should trend a bit more than last year and above average with the regions to watch in the Northwest, Central U.S. and Northeast. Globally the snowiest regions are in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Russia, Japan, New England and Northwest U.S.

Season to date snowfall (1 Oct 2015 - 11 Jan 2016) is trending the 3rd least in 25+ years for the U.S., down 43% below average and 28% less than last year based on a tally of 260 major cities across the country. The Northeast is clearly flirting with record low snowfall while the Southwest U.S. has the most in 11 years and 3rd most in 25+ years.

Captain Kirk will have a big announcement to make later tonight or tomorrow! Visit our facebook page for details. :) - Capt Kirk out.