Star Date 11 March 2016 Friday

Captain's Log
Rain continues to fall in the Ark-La-Miss region, and there are reports of nearly 2' of rain in northern Louisiana. The rain will finally taper off late in the weekend.

New flooding concerns are arising in northern California as several storm systems move onshore over the weekend bringing several inches of rain and feet of snow to the mountains. Mudslides and flooding will likely be issues in the region, but the rain is desperately needed as much of the state is still under extreme drought conditions.

Meanwhile, the Northeast "cools" down a few degrees Friday, but is still very much above normal through the weekend. We'll get a real dose of reality later next week when winter returns! And dare we say…. Snow could be back in the forecast for some?! So enjoy the warmth while you go it!

Have a great weekend and for those with old-timey clock devices, don't forget to skip ahead 1 hour Sunday morning at 2 AM . Daylight Saving Time begins! (Ugh!)