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11 march log 1

This week (11-17 March) shows a thaw for the Eastern U.S. with the U.S. overall trending warmest in 3 years (14th warmest in 30 years), wettest in 9 years (4th wettest in 30 years) but least snow in 3 years (14th snowiest in 30 years). Signs of a pattern shift as the early March glancing shot of the Polar Vortex lifts out allowing the West to start warming up and gradually spreading East late month into April.

11 march log 2

The 6-day snowfall outlook (11-17 March) shows yet another moderate to heavy snow storm traversing out of the Rockies into the Upper Midwest.

11 march log 3

While the 2-week modeled snowfall outlook doesn't show any snow for the East Coast, there is still the potential snowy system late next week.

11 march log 4

Next week (18-24 March) shows signs of change with a big warm up for the West which should start to traverse East late month into April. The period trends the coolest in 5 years nationally (7th coldest in 30 years, Drier than last year (13th driest in 30 years) and less snow than last year (13th least snowfall in 30 years).

11 march log 5

Below are a couple factors that will play into the cooler late Spring early Summer weather; overall we expect Summer to be the coolest in 5 years and less rain than the past couple years but still on the moist side (no drought).

11 march log 6

Great Lakes ice cover is very high at 71% coverage compared to only 26% last year and 6% back in 2017. This much ice typically makes for a cold May and risk for a late frost and freeze in the Midwest and Great Lakes. Frequent cold fronts in May and June also suggest a much more active severe weather tornado season as well more similar to 2017 and not as bad as the extreme year of 2011.

11 march log 7

Drought is much less than last year and limited to the Rocky Mountains into the Pacific Northwest. This is one of many factors that suggest that a hotter Summer will be limited to the Rockies with a downstream trough in the Midwest and East with cooler weather.

11 march log 8

In today's video we take you down memory lane from 5 years ago when Captain and Mrs. Kirk got married on a beach in Hawaii. :) If only we had that Star Trek transporter device and Back-to-the-Future's DeLorean!

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