Happy Monday! :)

We hope you're enjoying these last few weeks before BACK2SCHOOL...we know...some have already started but we have 23 more days here in PA. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.


Since May 1st the U.S. has trended the coolest in 5 years even with the recent heat in July and August with hot 90F days down -16% vs last year. Only 3 weeks this Spring-Summer have trended warmer than last year so a negative for hot Summer seasonal categories. Some good news for week 3 August with hotter trends to help clear out any remaining Summer merchandise.


This week (12-18 August) trends cooler than last year but 13th warmest of the past 30 years, about average for the nation as a whole. A bit drier than last year nationally but still 6th wettest in 30 years.


Next week (19-25 August) trends warmest in 8 years and 4th warmest in 30 years for the U.S. with heat returning to the Northeast. Won't be as hot as the middle July heat-wave but a good opportunity to clear out some Summer seasonal merchandise.


The tropics are still pretty quiet in the Atlantic but we are entering the peak season from late August into early October. Some have increased their seasonal outlook to be a bit more above average but we're not changing ours. Still leaning near to below average but with high risk areas in Southeast Florida, Bahamas and Bermuda. Models hint at something late August but just model imagination for now.


For the World overall, the next 2 weeks show pretty cool conditions across most of Canada trending coolest in 12 years, Europe and Australia coolest in 5 years, U.S. warmest in 3 years and Brazil warmest in 5 years.


The heavens will put on another light show late tonight with the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. Unfortunately the nearly full moon will make them a bit harder to see but still upwards of 75 an hour after midnight Monday night.


The little one is enjoying her last few weeks before starting pre-school...how time flies by.

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