Star Date 12 June 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday! :)

After a very cold start to June in the Northeast (morning temps in the 30s and 40s last week) we're getting the first official 3-day heat wave (temps over 90F) for New England, 2nd heat-wave for the bigger cities in Philly - NYC. While the Northeast bakes, the West is Winter like in the Sierras with June! They'll be skiing all Summer long at this point. CLICK ON MAPS FOR LARGER VIEW.

mon 2

The clash of this cold air in the West with the heat in the East is setting the stage for severe weather and tornadoes from Wyoming to Wisconsin early this week.

mon 5

The pattern will clearly make yet another flip flop going into next week with the heat shifting to the West while the Central and Eastern U.S. cools off a bit.

mon 1

We'll need to watch the Gulf of Mexico for possibly the 2nd named storm of the 2017 Hurricane Season this Father's Day weekend into early next week. Most of the models seem pretty excited this will become Bret and impact the Western and North Central Gulf - WTI's highest risk region in our 2017 outlook.

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Father's Day weekend looks to be on the stormy side trending the coolest in 3 years and wettest in 17 years for the U.S. overall. A pretty big change from last year when the U.S. was the hottest in 22 years and driest in 24 years.

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We had some fun on WORDFM and Cure International last week on live radio. They had a Captain Kirk challenge to help raise funds to heal kids all over the world with very curable diseases. WTI donated $10,000 and we hope you can help this fantastic organization based right here in Pennsylvania, just $38 month (844-303-2873 or online

God Bless You!

Have a great week and look for daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

- Captain Kirk out.