Star Date 12 March 2018 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

It looks like Nor'easter #3 in just 10 days will mainly impact New England this go around with the greatest snow totals in Eastern Mass (18-24") South of Boston and Cape Cod. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

FB 224-hour snowfall ending Tuesday night.

snow day 1

24-hour snowfall ending Wednesday night.

snow day 2

This last full week of Winter will be the coldest, wettest and snowiest in 6 years out West while the East will be the 4th coldest of the past 20 years with similarly heavy snowfall to last year.

FB 1

Next week the cold and snow will get even more intense for the West so Spring is definitely coming in like a lion for the West after such a warm Winter. The cold, rain and snow is having a major impact on fruits and vegetables in CA, FL and the Southeast U.S. so look for much higher prices this year.

FB 3

Winter snowfall to date is generally at or above average in the Eastern U.S. for most locations but still trending below average for most of the West. For those of you sick of Winter and ready for Spring, we're only 8 days and a couple hours away! Don't get too excited as wt360 expects the cold weather to continue well into April and dramatically colder than last yearApril. The cold/wet even snowy April will have a bigger negative impact on Midwest farmers getting ready to plant - early hurdles for sure!

FB 5

Mrs. Captain Kirk is very much looking forward to Spring as well with memories of a beach wedding 4 years ago today...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ANGEL SIMO! :)

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- Kirk out.