Star Date 13 December 2018 Thursday

Captain's Log

Happy Thursday...we can see the weekend from here. :)

We were surprised but honored to win our 17th business technology award last week being named Business of the Year in the Lehigh Valley here in Eastern PA. Kudos to team wt360!

thr log 1

While the FLU season is ramping up, it's nowhere near as bad as this time last year with 10 states currently in regional or widespread outbreaks vs 24 this time last year. If you're feeling sick, we hope you get better quickly.

thr log 2

Snowcover this morning was around 34% of the U.S. which is just a tad above average. But, North America overall is 11% above average which is off the charts and most in 33 years and 4th most in 52 years.

thr log 3

The local ski resort near wt360 headquarters was making a ton of snow with the frigid weekend weather. The little Kirk...LOVES SNOW so she enjoyed the car ride.

thr log 4

We'll be adding to that snow pack especially next week with a pretty good chance for a Christmas Eve snow storm in the Northeast! Just about every model shows this event over the past few days and the overall cycle is conducive to a coastal snow storm. Very possible the Philly to Boston corridor will be happy campers come Christmas with a fresh snow pack, even closer to the coast than depicted here.

thr log 5

Only 11 days and 10 hours until Christmas but you probably don't want to wait until the last minute with this potential snow storm.

thr log 6

It's the classic storm set up with cold air in place, storm approaching from the Great Lakes phasing with a developing low off the Carolina Coast. When the two merge you get an exciting storm potential.

thr log 7

The West will be the hot spot, the East the more Wintry spot Christmas morning.

thr log 8

The Gulf Stream waters off the East Coast are still very much above average. Important factor as cold air over warm water is a catalyst for cyclone development.

thr log 9

Finally, in this season of giving please consider some of our favorite charities. We know many of our 125,000 social media fans are in the NY-PA-NJ area as are most of these wonderful organizations. Thank you for your consideration.

thr log 10

With that have a great weekend!Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,PinterestandLinkedin

- Captain Kirk out.