Star Date 13 February 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

Stormy! That's the theme for the next 2 weeks with the U.S. overall expected to have the wettest conditions in 14 years...California potentially record wet end to February! California will very likely have severe flooding this Spring as the state is on pace for the wettest on record.

capts log monday 3

There are already dam issues with cracks, holes and even the Central CA aqueduct has sunk a couple feet reducing it's flow capacityby 20%.

capts log monday 5

NASA satellite imagery shows just how dramatically greener and whiter the state is vs the peak of the drought just a couple years ago.

capts log monday 6

Rainfall over the next 2-weeks shows another 5-10"+ rainfall for Northern California with 2-5" in the South. Sierra snowfall will get another whopping 10-15 feet from at least 3 storms over the next couple weeks. Snow melt peaks in early June and there is no doubt the major reservoirs will exceed capacity forcing the dumping of water.

capts log monday 4

Back East it's a one-two punch in New England with the 2nd major snow storm in a week with another 1-2+ feet from the latest storm now off the coast of Maine.

capts log monday 2

The pressure gradient from the intense low over Nova Scotia and the High Pressure in Missouri has winds gusting 50 to 60 mph in the Northeast, even the big cities.

capts log monday 1

We have a lot of exciting things happening here at Weather Trends International so here are a few updates. We have a new Ag partner with C&S Grain Marketing that's offering our farmer customers a free trial of his reports - see your REPORTS tab on the web site for those. Below is a recent video we did with Bill Fordham grain marketing guru and the wt360 team.

capts log monday 7

AgReliant Genetics has also launched a very cool new app "Advantage Acre" for farmers so give them a call on how to get set up - it's the most awesome farming app out there!

If there are any fans or clients that would like to join us Saturday 24 June at the State Theatre for their 90 year WOW celebration - drop us a note at we have a few tickets left.

You can also visit with some of the wt360 meteorologists at Millersville University Public Weather Awareness Day on Saturday 1 April 2017 11am-3pm.

We know golfers are thinking Spring and wt360's golf offering was just featured in Golf Inc.!

Finally, one of our super star employee's son Brendan Lowery is up to good so check out his Facebook page and help him out with some donations for his school American Heart Association fund raiser.

Have a great Monday folks!

- Captain Kirk out.