Star Date 13 November 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday! :)

Last week was the coldest in 17 years for the U.S. overall going from record hot last year to frigid this year. And if you thought this past weekend was epic're right if you live in Canada and the Eastern half of the U.S. There were dozens of record shattering lows over the Veteran's Day weekend from International Falls, MN (dipped to -13F) to New York City Central Park (24F). We can certainly argue this is the first Polar Vortex outbreak with an air-mass right out of the North Pole. The Southwest and extreme South Florida were the hot spots. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

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North America snow cover is also close to a record with the most snow on the ground across the U.S. and Canada since 1991 (26 years!). Snow cover is a whopping 33% above last year and 30% above normal so we're off to a very snowy start this season.

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Snowfall summaries since September 2017 show very heavy snow in the Rocky Mountains with the highest peaks alreadyup over 8 FEET of snow for the season, the Upper Midwest already 1 foot of snow and starting to invade the Northeast. Many ski resorts in the Northeast are making snow from NC to New England and that's about 4 weeks earlier than last year. The really cold conditions last year didn't invade the East until about 9 December so expect the ski resorts to open earlier this year.

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The 2-week outlook shows the heart of the cold weather will remain in the East and get colder with hotter conditions out West.

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Pre-Thanksgiving travel could be tricky with a storm system in the Northwest and another one moving through the Great Lakes into New England on Tuesday-Wednesday. Prepare for some travel headaches.

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Once these storms move out, the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend looks very cold in the East and Hot for the Rocky Mountains but pretty dry for most of us. The Southeast is the really cold spot with the weekend period the 2nd coldest in 30 years!

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