Star Date 14 August 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday! :)

A little over a week away from the Great American Solar Eclipse! Are you excited? The bad news is 21 August looks to be the wettest in 8 years and warmest in 4 years for the U.S. overall with plenty of potential hurdles for folks along the path of totality. Hard to pin point the best spot but right now that appears to be in the Midwest. Updates on our Facebook page as we get closer. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

log 1

Eclipse path and local time of totality. Even if you are cloudy, that will only make it all that much darker during the peak so it will still be an interesting day.

log 2

The 2-week outlook shows signs of Summer heat making a comeback to the U.S. as we round out August and hopefully some much needed rain in the Central U.S. We've had way too much back East where many areas are having the wettest year on record or pretty close.

log 3

The tropics heated up with Hurricane Franklin last week in the SW Gulf of Mexico and now fish storm Tropical Storm Gert well off the East Coast and well West of Bermuda. No impact to land. We'll need to watch the middle of next week with another storm or hurricane possibly threatening the Southeast U.S. Way out there in model imagination land but it does show an East Coast threat.

log 4

Summer to date has been pretty tame in the Eastern U.S. on the temperature side trending near average to a tad below. Rainfall has been off the charts in parts of the East and South. The heat this year has really been most intense in the West and Pacific Northwest along with very dry conditions from the Midwest to the Northwest. For the U.S. overall the rainfall has been on the high side due to the extreme conditions in the South and East trending 2nd wettest in 26+ years, 14% more than last year and 11% above average for the 260 major cities tracked. Hot 90F days are again down nationally trending 21% less than last year and 3.3% below average.

log 5

And for those of you needing an Angelina you go! :) She had fun with bubbles this past weekend and absolutely LOVES anything and everything WATER! Daddy's from Hawaii so go figure!


Have a great week folks and check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for daily update.

-Capt Kirk out.