Star Date: 14 March 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
The first two weeks of March trended record hot for the U.S. overall and the 3rd wettest of the past 25+ years for the nation as a whole. California was the bigger winner with the wettest start to March in 21 years...they needed this Miracle March! Snowfall was obviously almost non-existent trending the 2nd least in 25+ years for the U.S. overall, more similar to 2010. California and the Sierras were again the exception where feet of snow fell in the higher elevations.

The next two weeks the pattern flip-flops a bit with the warm and dry shifting to the West while the Eastern half turns cooler, wetter and even some interior higher elevation Northeast snow late this weekend into early next week. Pick your model but the U.S. models are more excited than the Euro about a snow event (well inland of the DC to BOS corridor) late this weekend into early next week with a blast of cooler weather. After 70s and 80s last week, even normal late March weather will feel cold by those standards. Kind of ironic that the first day of Spring is this Sunday and it may very well look more like Winter.

For our farmers getting ready for the 2016 Crop Season please see our latest blog as there is exceptionally high risk this year with an emerging La Nina pattern that are famous for scorching hot and very dry Summers and then epic hurricanes for the Deep South.

Have a great start to the week folks! - Capt Kirk out.