Star Date 14 May 2018 Monday

Captain's Log
17 May 2018 Thursday Update:

The Weekend looks like a washout for the Middle Atlantic and Northeastern U.S. with severe weather possible in the Heartland/Central Plains. A deep fetch of tropical moisture around a Bermuda High is helping to keep the East Coast stuck in a conveyor belt of non-stop moisture. For the U.S. overall, the 18-20 May period is the warmest in 5 years and wettest in over 30 years.

The early outlook for the Memorial Day Weekend looks more promising for the Middle Atlantic and big cities of the Northeast from DC to Boston with a warmer/drier pattern. The Northwest looks to be very warm while Florida remains cooler than average due to heavy rainfall. For the U.S. overall the holiday weekend (25-28 May) is the warmest in 12 years and wettest in 22 years.


Happy Monday (14 May 2018)! :)

After such a cold snowy Spring in March and April it's only fair that we get a warmer May but at a cost. May for the U.S. as a whole appears to be trending the warmest in 30+ years but also the wettest in 30+ years with a very wet later half of the month. This is a wholesale change from last year when May trended the coldest in 7 years for the U.S. overall.CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.


THIS WEEK (14-20 MAY)trends the warmest in 7 years, wettest in 30+ years for the U.S. and NEXT WEEK (21-27 MAY)trends warmest in 4 years and even wetter again trending the wettest in 30+ years.


Down in Florida it had been very dry start to the year but that's about to change with at least a foot of rain possible for many areas over the next couple weeks. The season's first tropical threat is being monitored by the National Hurricane Center'swith a system in the Gulf of Mexico.


We're still in a La Niña like weather pattern but signs show the sub-surface Equatorial Pacific Ocean is likely heading toward more neutral conditions. Either way an El Niño is not very likely so wind shear in the Atlantic Basin should remain weak allowing for another above average hurricane season in the Atlantic.


In addition to the tropics the severe thunderstorm threat is relatively high this week but season to date is still trending40% below average for the number of tornadoes in the U.S.

We'd like to again wish all the Mom's out there another BIG THANK YOU as you never get enough of that. :)


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- Captain Kirk out.