Happy Monday morning!

This past weekend brought record cold from the Midwest to Pennsylvania and yes wet snow covered the ground in parts of PA and NY on Sunday! Temperatures in the 26F to 35F range impacted much of the Corn Belt (ND, SD, MN, WI, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA) which as a minimum stunted the emerging crop and at worse killed off any just emerged Corn or Soybeans. Another factor that will likely keep Corn prices going up before a huge rally takes shape in July. See our YouTube page for a video sent to our thousands of farmer clients last week on more high risk for crops ahead.

THIS WEEK (16-22 May) will remain below average for much of the country with the only warm spots across the Northern Upper Plains and the immediate Gulf Coast. For the U.S. overall the week trends the coldest in 5 years and wettest in 25+ years (mainly southern half of the country). Temperatures will slowly moderate with the weekend much warmer in the Central and Northeast U.S. while the West Coast turns much colder. The Northern half of the country from North Dakota to Nebraska to New Jersey and points north have a very dry week while heavier rainfall plagues the South from Arizona to North Carolina. More flooding potential in East Texas to Southern Alabama, NE Oklahoma and Central Kansas where 4-5" of rain is possible along with some severe weather and hail. And more rain for North Central California with 0.50" to 1.0" amounts in and around Sacramento...unusual!

The 21-22 May weekend period looks wettest in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast with the rest of the country pretty dry.

NEXT WEEK (23-29 May) the week prior to Memorial Day weekend looks to get quite warm for much of the country with national temperatures trending the warmest in 4 years and not as wet as the soaker last year. Rainfall is again heaviest from Texas to Southwest Missouri where 2-3" is likely and even some very unusually late rainfall in North Central California with 0.25" amounts possible.

The early Memorial Day weekend outlook (Fri 27 May - Mon 30 May) looks like it could be warm and stormy in the Eastern half of the U.S. from Texas to the Northeast. For the U.S. overall the holiday weekend appears to be warmest in 4 years but also the wettest in 20 years - mainly afternoon thunderstorm variety so probably not a total wash out for most.

Hope you have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out.