Star Date 17 Sept 2019 Tuesday

Captain's Log

Happy Tuesday! :)

Hurricane Humberto remained well off the East Coast with virtually no impact but now threatens Bermuda. It should pass well to the north of the island but still tropical storm force conditions with large 30 foot waves.


The next system in the open Atlantic will likely become Imelda but early track guidance suggest it will pass to the north of the Virgin Islands and also make a right turn well off the East Coast.


If you think it's been very dry the past 30 days from Texas to the Northeast, you're right as we've made a wholesale change from last year. Nationally the past 30 days have been the driest in 6 years while the East Coast is the 3rd driest in 30 years and driest in 9 years. This period last year was the 2nd wettest in 30 years so a dramatic change.


This week (17-23 Sept) is trending coolest in 4 years but that's still well above average for the nation as a whole, 5th warmest in 30 years. Rainfall is drier than last year but 14th wettest of the past 30 years. Tropical type moisture moving into Texas will help with the dry conditions there and the Euro shows a lot more rainfall with upwards of 15", probably a bit overdone.


Next week (24-30 Sept) shows a cold front sweeping through the Midwest and Northeast while the heat remains in the South Central U.S. For the U.S. overall the week looks to trend warmer than last year, 7th warmest in 30 years, drier than last year and 12th wettest in 30 years. Some rain for the dry East Coast.


The world trends for the latter half of September show a dramatic change across Canada where this time last year it was the coldest in 30+ years, this year much above average. Other than Russia, North Africa, Australia, U.S. West Coast and Alaska, the world overall is on the warm side.


Enjoy these last 6 days of Summer as Fall officially arrives 23 September Monday 3:50am EDT.


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- Captain Kirk out.