Star Date: 18 Feb 2016 Thursday

Captain's Log
What a difference a year makes.  This week last year we were still talking about a non-stop Polar Vortex that wouldn't give up, this year record heat and a nation-wide warm surge developing.  Here's just how dramatic the change in temperatures is across the U.S. over the next few days.

Chicago, IL High Temperature of 4F last year (low -3F), this year 62F some 58 degrees warmer than a year ago (19 Feb Friday)!!!!

Minneapolis 45 degrees warmer than last year (19 Feb Friday)

Dodge City, KS was 44F this date last year, record hot 86F this year, 42 degrees warmer (18 Feb Thursday)

Washington DC some 40 degrees warmer (19 Feb Saturday)  66F on Saturday!

Bethlehem, PA 36 degrees warmer than last year (20 Feb Saturday)

New York City, NY 32 degrees warmer than last year (20 Feb Saturday)

Boston, MA 31 degrees warmer than last year (20 Feb Saturday)

Enjoy the spring-like surge as it won't stay this extremely warm for long. Yes we have a potential storm Wednesday in the East again but pick your models.  The Euro says snow for the DC to Boston corridor, then yesterday it says all rain, now back to snow.  US GFS says all rain from DC to Boston with snow out in the Appalachian Mountains with a track more similar to this past Monday's storm that brought some light snow but mainly heavy rain.  The pattern is not overly favorable for a huge snow storm as those usually form with cold air in place - much easier to get a snow storm with cold air retreating than with cold air trying to move in for the DC to BOS corridor.  With the above warm surge in advance of the storm it's not an ideal set up for snow lovers from DC to Boston.  Still worth watching as it has potential.

Have a great Thursday folks!