Star Date 18 June 2018 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

June started off very warm and dry for the .S. overall, but will end warm and very wet for the later half of the month. The next couple weeks show a few areas with a lot of rain in the Central U.S. and parts off the South. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW

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THIS WEEK (18-24 Jun)the U.S. will trend the coolest in 4 years but still above average but also the wettest in over 30 years with a lot of rain in the Heartland. The heat in the East will end as a stronger cold front ushers in cooler weather midweek. A peak across the world shows this week is pretty hot in Western Canada, India, Southern half of Africa and Siberia.

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NEXT WEEK (25 Jun - 1 Jul) the wet pattern continues for parts of the Central U.S. and Middle Atlantic. Overall the U.S. looks to trend the warmest in 6 years and again wettest in 30+ years. Last year the late June period was the coldest in 13 years so the year-over-year change toward warmer weather is very significant and a big plus for seasonal merchandise sales gains.

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After a cold spring across the U.S. we've been on a nice run of warmer than average weather since the first of May. This warmer trend is likely to reverse a bit as we get into July with the month expected to trend coolest in 4 years and wettest in 3 years for the U.S. overall. June is clearly on pace to be the #1 warmest in over 30 years and 5th wettest of the past 30 years. Summer officially starts 21 June at 6:07am EDT.

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And to all the Dads out there...Happy Father's Day...Angelina Kirk enjoying the water on a hot sunny day. :) They grow up at warp speed.


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