Star Date 19 December 2016 Monday

Captain's Log
Holy Toledo...Christmas is sneaking up at Warp Speed!

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So far here in December the weather has made a pretty epic change from last year's record warm, near record low snow totals. To date the U.S. is 10.4 degrees colder than last year's record warm year and we're trending -3.7F below average making it the 5th coldest front half of December in 25+ years and coldest in 6 years. That 10.4 degree change is similar to what we saw from Dec 2012 to Dec 2013 which was one of the greatest year-over-year changes toward colder weather in 121 years.

The benefits to retailers and manufacturers of seasonal merchandise has been equally epic with triple digit, even reports of 1000% increases for must have Winter merchandise - coats, heaters, gloves, auto batteries, soups, hot beverages, etc. Snowfall has also made a pretty dramatic change trending +229% more than last year, +49% above average and the most in 9 years. Yesterday's snow cover across the country peaked at 55% blanketed in some white stuff on the ground - way above average and the 2nd most in 14 years. Rainfall has been the 3rd wettest in 25 years and the most in 7 years (26% above average and 11% above last year).

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This will clearly be the peak snow cover for the month of December as temperatures moderate a bit but still plenty of cold and snow on the horizon and Winter doesn't officially arrive until 5:44am EST Wednesday 21 December 2016.

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Many will have a white Christmas (snow on the ground) but the Upper Midwest and Plains will actually see heavy snow falling on Christmas Day.

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Anytime you see a huge chunk of Arctic air leave Siberia and head toward Alaska the last week of December you better expect that to invade the lower 48 states as we transition into January and it will! It's going to be a long cold Winter well into March, even April here in the U.S. so Winter is just getting started.

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We are truly THANKFUL for all of our wonderful clients and fans so we hope you enjoy this video we made just for you! :) Merry Christmas folks!

- Capt Kirk out.

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