Happy Thursday folks...we can see the weekend from here! :)

Saturday 21 May: Looks downright cold and raw for the Middle Atlantic with the coldest 21-22 May weekend in 14 years and wettest in 13 years. The other coast out West doesn't look much better trending the coldest in 6 to 8 years for this 3rd weekend in May. The Eastern Rocky Mountains, High Plains and Maine all trend much above average temperatures and warmest in 4 years. Winds up the East side of the Rocky Mountains will be very strong out of the South helping to pump up the warm air well into Central Canada. The worst weather for Saturday is clearly Southeast Virginia with cold, wet, raw and windy conditions. Maine is a top pick for warm, dry, sunny and UV over 6!

Sunday 22 May: Conditions improve a bit in the East but still cool in the Southeast. Out West temperatures are the coldest in 6 years with much below normal temperatures. Strong southerly winds continue to dominate the Central U.S. sending much above average temperatures into the High Plains and warmest 22 May conditions in 4 years. Our best weather pick for Sunday is the state of Wisconsin trending warmest 22 May in 20 years, lighter winds and no rain. Idaho clearly the worst weather pick with the coldest conditions in 6 years and wettest in 18 years.

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Next Week:The U.S. overall trends the 6th warmest and 6th wettest of the past 25 years but warmer/drier than last year. The West remains the cool spot trending 2 to 6 degrees below normal while the Central U.S. into the Northeast trends 2 to 10 degrees above normal for the week overall. The heaviest rain will be in the Central U.S. from Dallas to Little Rock where 2-4" is likely Monday-Friday with the threat for severe weather. The Southwest is the obvious dry spot as is the immediate Gulf Coast from Houston to Tampa - they'll take it!

Have a great weekend folks! - Capt Kirk out.