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November is on pace to be the coldest in 18 years (3rd coldest in 30 years), snowiest in 4 years (top 5 snowiest in 30 years) and wettest in 26 years for the U.S. overall. Pretty epic to say the least. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

LOG 12

Last week (11-18 Nov) was the coldest and snowiest in 21 years for the Eastern 2/3rds of the country with two record breaking snow events. Early in the week the Deep South has their earliest snow on record - yes it snowed in Houston, TX - record shattering early.

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Late in the week the system gained strength which resulted in a top 1 and 2 earliest, biggest snow storm in history for the coastal Northeast locations. As an example, the 6.4" for Central Park New York City was the 2nd biggest November snow storm in 150 years with only the 30 Nov 1882 storm bringer more snow (9"). Season to date snowfall across the U.S. continues to pile up at warp speed.


Snowfall over the next 6-days is on the lighter side but still one system in the East and late week for the Rockies and Plains.


The good news is the flu season is not as severe as last year's epic start with only 3 states showing widespread conditions vs 9 last year. Australia had a really bad season last year but this past Winter was the least active in 5 years, hopefully a sign of what we can expect here in the U.S.


This week (19-25 Nov) is the snowiest in 3 years, wettest in 4 years and coldest in 5 years for the U.S. overall.


Thanksgiving Day will be frigid in the Northeast with some below zero readings inland and teens near the big cities making this the coldest Thanksgiving in 13 years.



More good news with the first big rain storms of the season for California that will very likely put out all the wild fires in the state and clean out the stagnant air.


Next week (26 Nov - 2 Dec) looks to be the coldest end to November in 22 years for the U.S. overall, a bit wetter than last year and snowiest in 4 years.


This past week we spent 4 days in San Francisco California for an Ag4.0 conference and the air was unbearable. Thick smoke blanketed much of the area making it very hard to breathe with a lot of folks wearing masks, school cancelled and even some businesses closed. It was good to come home and see blue sky despite all the snow on the ground.


We created this video that shows our trek across the country on 16 November going from smoke filled air in the West (San Francisco) to cold and snow in the East (New York City area)...5 hr flight in 5 minutes. Enjoy.

Have a great Thanksgiving! - Captain Kirk out.