Star Date: 2 Feb 2016 Tuesday GROUNDHOG DAY!

Captain's Log
If you like to hear the word SPRING then you loved the rodent's forecast today! How the heck he didn't see his shadow on a perfectly sunny day remains a mystery or conspiracy! :)

Punxsutawney Phil (Pennsylvania's rodent prognosticator) must have checked his wt36o long range forecast of the warmest Feb in several years (above average temps East, colder West) and or saw the Euro also shows a very warm February in the East, cold West. See our facebook fan page for a depiction of the Feb forecasts and a Spring outlook all the way through Memorial Day.

Spring (meteorological Spring March - May) last year was the 3rd warmest and 3rd wettest of the past 25 years but this year actually looks cooler for the U.S. overall trendingcooler and drier for the nation as a whole. The West Coast remains cooler and much wetter while the Northeast is continues to be the warmer/drier spot over the next couple months.

But by May that could change...last year May in the Northeast was the hottest on record (120 years) and May this year likely to be the coldest in 8 years and below average for the Northeast as El Nino collapses toward La Nina by Fall 2016.

If you like longer range outlooks then check out our video series Seeds of Success...we talk about a lot of the things we see in the year ahead.

SEEDS OF SUCCESS EPISODE 1: 2016 Corn Belt weather outlook.

SEEDS OF SUCCESS EPISODE 2: 2016 Crop outlooks around the world.

SEEDS OF SUCCESS EPISODE 3: 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season outlook.

Have a great Tuesday folks! - Capt Kirk out.