Star Date: 2 March 2016 Wednesday

Captain's Log
Didn't The Weather Channel just say El Niño was a dud, bust for California? Didn't the governor say the same thing? Didn't the State Climatologist echo that? Oppssss!!!! Guess they forgot to check their wt360 year-ahead forecast or even short range forecasts that show 2-10" of rain across the state and 4-8 feet of snow in the Sierras from the 4th - 15th!!!

All short range computer models (Euro, GFS, Canadian) are all showing 3.3 times the normal rainfall and the wettest March since 1995! Recall our post last month where we talked about Folsom Lake (Reservoir outside of Sacramento) contemplating releasing some of the water because they were concerned about snow melt and the reservoir over flowing this Spring - it may just do that with a series of storms! Assuming the models are half right, California is headed for the wettest Winter in 11 years even with the lull in February - didn't we say that in our Seeds of Success videos released last year? ;)


It's amazing how REACTIVE government and businesses are to Mother Nature. There is a better way for businesses to be PROACTIVE up to a year ahead but only if you consider statistics and 24 climate cycle trends and dump the physics based ever changing models. We explain how in our latest video and if you watch the whole thing you'll see snip'its of our July 2016 forecast around the world, the hurricane season and December 2016 around the world.

And the first huge spring surge is headed for the entire Eastern half of the country next week with a top 3 hottest 2nd week of March in decades with a prolonged stretch of 60s and 70s! Seasonal sales will surge. As the West Coast storms move out there will be some pretty cold air diving into the Central San Joaquin Valley with frost and freeze potential - a negative for tender vegetables!

Have a great Wednesday folks! - Capt Kirk out.