Happy Monday!

THIS WEEK (1-7 MAY): Will trend the coolest and wettest in 3 years for the U.S. as a whole. The Northeast shows the coolest trends with the coolest start to May since 2005 and wettest since 2009. This past Sunday was down right frigid for 1 May with some areas having the coldest high temperatures since 1945 in Eastern PA where Sunday never got out of the high 40s. It was the coldest in 25+ years from Colorado to Chicago to New York City on Sunday. There is more frost and freeze risk for farmers later this week (Thr-Fri) from the Upper Midwest into the Great Lakes and interior Northeast.

The heaviest rain this week will be from Houston to New England with a general 0.75" to 1.5" for the week. The heaviest rains will be in Eastern Virginia (2") and out West from North Central California to South Dakota with 1.0" to 1.5" for the week. Unusual to have this much rain in May in California. Folsom Lake Reservoir continues to be on a pace matching the record levels of 1983 and currently 13% above average. Snow melt here in May could push it to 100% capacity which would be 21% above average.

MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND (7-8 MAY): Don't forget about Mom! The good news is a dry weekend for 75% of the country with very warm conditions from the Pacific Northwest into the North Central U.S. and yes the Northeast! The cold spots are the Southwest where it will be way below average and across much of the South. The wet spots are generally limited to North Central California through the Rockies toward Southern Minnesota.

NEXT WEEK (8-14 MAY): Most of the country will have above average temperatures with the Central U.S. much above average. The Southwest is the one region to have average to even slightly below average temps for this time of year. MORE FLOODING RISK FOR HOUSTON with widespread 2-5"+ amounts from E. Texas to Alabama. And another 2-4" in soggy Nebraska that could have some farmers replanting.

We hope you have a great week folks! - Capt Kirk out