Star Date 22 April 2019 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! :)

This week (22-28 April) will end on a very warm note for almost the entire U.S. with the nation as a whole trending the warmest in 10 years, 2nd warmest in 30 years and the driest in 18 years (5th driest in 30 years). A severe weather tornado outbreak possible in Texas this week.CLICK ON IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.


Next week (29 April - 5 May) will continue the warm trends but a big cool down for the West Coast. Overall the U.S. looks to trend similarly warm to last year when the weather finally started warming up after a very cold/snowy April last year; nationally this year will be 5th warmest in 30 years, wetter than last year and 10th wettest of the past 30 years.


April year-over-year world temperature trends show the HUGE change in the U.S. going from the 2nd coldest and 2nd snowiest April in over 30 years to #5 warmest in 30 years with below average national snowfall. Europe is trending quite a bit colder than last year April.


Year-to-date rainfall in the U.S. is the wettest in 21 years (since 1998) with the drier spots limited to the Southern Plains and the Southeast.


This has national drought conditions at historic lows with only 14% of the U.S. with some sort of drought condition and way below the average of 46%.


Soil moisture is ample for most of us but remains a bit dry for parts of the Southern Plains, Florida and especially Mexico. Soil temperatures have reached 50+ in most areas of the U.S. so vegetation should be growing almost everywhere except the high Rocky Mountains and New England.


Tornadoes could be a concern in Texas this week but so far there have been 237 tornadoes nationally which is about average at this point tin the season.


Violent F3-F5 tornadoes remain at historic lows with a downward trend since records started in the 1950s.


Our pre-season hurricane outlook last year did exceptionally well both in terms of the number of systems but also intensity and land falling locations.


This year we're going low in part to a moderate El Nino and dramatically warmer Pacific Ocean temperatures than last year, among other factors.


However, we are very concerned about Southeast Florida, the Bahamas, East Cuba-Haiti this year. Possibly Bermuda later in the season.


The little Angelina Kirk was introduced to her first red lollipop at Church this Easter and thought her red tongue was insanely funny. The things that amuse 3 year olds! :)


Then family fun looking for Easter eggs and of course swings at the park with the much nicer Easter weekend this year than last year (See video for more).

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- Captain Kirk out.