Star Date 22 January 2018 Monday

Captain's Log

Happy Monday! It's especially happy if you're an Eagles or Patriots fan. :)

The January Thaw is here but it won't be non-stop warm weather as there are several cold fronts over the next couple of weeks that will bring brief periods of cold weather. The New York City forecast as an example is like a roller coaster ride up and down, so if the epic flu didn't get you sick, the forecast might. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

mon 4

Every state except Hawaii has widespread flu activity as of middle January and that hasn't happened in over 15 years! The early onset of cold in Nov and Dec combined with an ineffective flu vaccine and a really bad prior season in Australia is in large part to blame for the very bad season.

mon 5

The 6-day snowfall outlook shows the Upper Midwest and snow deprived Northern Rocky Mountains getting the most snow this week.


The 2-week outlook is a tad misleading as there is a major Arctic blast coming in early February for the Eastern half of the U.S. It starts in the Upper Midwest around Groundhog day (Feb 2) and then gradually spreads south and east. So, enjoy the warm up for now as Winter isn't over!


Overall we do expect February to be the coldest/snowiest in 3 years for the U.S. overall with the worst conditions in the Midwest, Lakes and Northeast. This will be a huge change from the record heat last year. The cold/snow likely to continue into middle March! :(

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Have a great week! - Captain Kirk out.