Star Date 22 May 2017 Monday

Captain's Log
Happy Monday!

After a Summer-like week last week we get a dose of reality this week (22-28 May) with much cooler temperatures and a fair amount of storminess. For the U.S. overall this week before Memorial Day trends the coolest in 4 years and slightly below average nationally and the wettest in over 26 years. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.

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The week of Memorial Day (29 May - 4 June) is certainly much warmer for the U.S. overall but remains the #1 wettest in over 26 years. Certainly need to watch for severe thunderstorms and flash flooding.

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Memorial Day weekend (Friday 26th - Monday 29th) is best in Florida if you like hot/dry weather but they could use a lot of run in light of a severe drought. The Pacific Northwest also gets some hot/dry weather for a change while the Rockies and the Central U.S. remain the cool wet spot along with New England. For the U.S. Overall the weekend period trends the coolest in 4 years, slightly above average nationally but the wettest in 21 years with well above average national rainfall.

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And before you dip your toes into the ocean, you might want to visit to track your favorite Great White Shark!!! Yes you can track many real time and one of the biggest is Mary Lee, a 16 foot great white shark that weighs 3,456 lbs.! Yes, she's toured the East Coast many times but SHE'S BACK and just 20 miles off Virginia! A couple years back she actually went into the Delaware Bay. On that happy note, the lakes in the Poconos are shark free. :)

In case you missed our 2017 Hurricane Season Outlook issued back in April, visit our latest blog for a summary.


For folks in the financial services industry - we have a lot of cool long range reports you might like including our Equity Report that tracks weather's favorability back a quarter and out 3 quarters for 63 equities.

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Have a great week folks!

- Captain Kirk out.